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Double Wedding Bands (1914)


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August 1914

August 1914

I don’t know what to make of this photograph. I was first drawn to it because I liked the veil worn by the woman on the left. When I was cleaning up the scan, I noticed that the man was wearing two rings that appear to be wedding bands, one on each hand. He’s also posed with his hands in front of him, as if to display the rings. His fully buttoned jacket on what appears to be a summer day is also odd. I purchased in it Quakertown, but I have no idea where it was taken. Click to zoom in.

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  1. debbi krisher

    It looks to me to be a coat that that the men wore when they drove an open air car. They men wore goggles and the women wore veils, which I am guessing to keep bugs and dust from hitting their face. I have seen this in old car ads. I am going to make a guess about the rings, one is a wedding band the other is a class ring.

  2. Carol Norwood

    I wonder if he is a Morman man with 2 wives! It’s very interesting. Another thought … the woman on the right looks a bit older so it could be his mother. Who knows?

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